Released in 2019, Vibrating At the Speed of Love is a contemplative series of meditations crafted over nearly two decades. At its roots, it was a response to a medical event prompting a “going in” thereby initiating a serious evaluation of her life. It’s overarching theme involves the acute and universal tension between fear and love. Easy to read yet challenging to master, Cushman continues her own pursuit to operate from love instead of fear, a struggle every human can identify with regardless of religious orientation, including agnostics. It is available as a paperback and eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, a paperback at indie bookstores through Ingram, and as an eBook on Apple Books, Kobo and other electronic platforms.

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The Man Confused by God is an unusual story about a Holocaust survivor, Bennet Mermel, who survived concentration camps, death marches, disease during WWII. Through wit and a whip-sharp intelligence, Mermel studied to become an opera tenor, a cantor, and ultimately became a pioneer in the garment industry in Los Angeles with two brothers after the war. Originally raised as an Orthodox Jew, his experiences showed him the vicious, inhuman side of man, prompting his own questions of divinity. Mermel’s life is a story of a deeply generous and sensitive man, having honed a phenomenally compassionate muscle exercised both in and apart from any orthodoxy he once believed. Far more than a conventional holocaust story, The Confused by God portrays a redefined and dedicated morality. It is available as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes &

One Grasshopper’s Journey is the story of Alvin Dunn, a Chinese-Korean who survived the Korean War as a 10-year-old boy. Raised by a devout Seventh Day Adventist mother who was at work in Seoul as a nurse, Dunn was separated from her when the worst of the fighting broke out. Forced to flee their home initially on foot, with his grandmother, the family was reunited and fled south where the ravages of war were less. Dunn’s is a story of a child survivor who ultimately transcends his own horrors and migrates to America. Having been reared within a strict Adventist orthodoxy, his early dream was to become a missionary. After several failed attempts, he became disillusioned, left the strictures of the Adventist traditions and became a successful dentist. His book is available for private sale. Interested parties in purchasing a copy, please contact Ms. Cushman through this website.