Window to the Soul

No one ever believes they’ll only have today as their last day of life on the planet. Instead, while clearly knowing we don’t live forever, it’s a concept that is only that: a concept. Until of course, it isn’t! FROM WAR TO WONDER AND BACK I heard a TV host (Nicole Wallace) when describing Brad […]

Gutless Wonder

Bloody Hell! Another surgery coming up and this one’s a doozie. In it, they will need to remove my intestines (temporarily) to get at my shredded muscle in the abdomen to patch it back together so I don’t sit on a piece of—oh how shall I put this delicately—bowel, any longer. When I was told […]


I have misplaced my favorite coffee cup, mug actually. Somewhere, somehow, sometime. Now I have a number of cups and mugs but there’s one old blue perfect size, perfect-fit-for-my-hand Air New Zealand mug that I got when I worked there. I’ve always loved it. And that is the cup/mug I use every day, even though […]