Window to the Soul

When I was a little girl, I remember playing under an evergreen tree with the lower canopy that allowed for a teepee-like experience. I even imagined (or remembered?) being a squaw in a previous life. Actually, it is not relevant whether it was imagined because the essence of the experience was that of serenity, solid […]


I’m living in the brutality of the now. Not the brutality of the then. Not the brutality of decades or centuries past but now, today, each day the same as if it was a then. But it’s not; it’s now.  It’s Putin’s brutality at this point. He pushes death like a street corner drug dealer, […]

I confess to loving nature. I confess to killing ants! I confess to walking past dirt in my house, just leaving it. For days! I confess to letting some spiders hang out in my tiny house and violently stomping on others that look ominous. I confess to being selective. I confess to being small minded. […]