Good Lord. We’re living longing and surviving better in the 21st Century than ever before. But Lordy it is not always so easy for folks with disabilities and questionable financial resources. A Hymn to Being Old Now, in no way is this any sort of complaint. Rather, it is a kind of hymn to those […]


I ran away from home to find myself! At 71 years of age. In full possession of my faculties though not much grace in the action. For several years now, I’ve needed to make a different decision about how I was living as an independent woman, one who has needed assistance from time to time, […]

The Feathered Tribe - Complexity Itself

The concept of Parallel Process is much like what you think it is—the idea that one idea, thing or event mirrors another reflecting back and forth making their concepts similarly obvious and relatable. This is how I’ve come to view the physical “heating up” of the earth’s atmosphere parallel to so many political and societal […]