To sleep perchance to dream…

I love the wondrousness of the Sonoma Coast. It is earthy, dramatic, lush and raw. It shows off significant rolling hills, incredible trees, stunning bays and an incomparable freshness.

Having made a number of day trips, I’ve also stayed in a variety of lodging experiences when overnighting in the area. I’ve stayed in Airbnb‘s up on the hill overlooking the bay with stunning views and an upscale lodge closer to the beach, showcasing a dramatic sweep of the water. But nowhere have I stayed as personally comfortable, nuanced and relaxing as the Sonoma Coast Villas.

Far From the Madding Crowd 

The Villas are tucked away just outside of town, removed from the throng of tourists. They subtly sport a rustic charm with just enough amenities and delightful special touches to keep folks comfortable and coming back. It is a relaxed and homey affair—the opposite of pretentious. (If you want “precious” or “fussy” stay somewhere else.) 

The property consists of a main building with the dining room and a conference room in one wing off to the right of the lobby, and rooms that line the first building facing the pool and jacuzzi in the other splayed wing off to the left. 

Upon entering, there’s a small table with treats and a spiral staircase that leads up to the library or “tower” just beyond, triggering an “oh my, what’s up there?” curiosity. Later, you discover it has a ton of windows providing glorious light and seating roomy enough for lounging like a sun-drenched cat. There are games and books you can use or check out for reading as well. My personal favorite is just to nap up there. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

The Devil’s In the Details

Once you get your keys you can settle in. Each room has a fireplace.  King rooms have Jacuzzi tubs while standard and queen rooms are equally fabulous just not quite as large. All are nicely appointed and include small refrigerators, a little dining table and seating. Interestingly, no two rooms are alike.

Sonoma Coast Villas has a retreat-like quality which I love.  Having immersed myself in the general atmosphere after checking in, I often roam around the property drinking in the fresh pine fragrance. Then I’ll settle in my own room all snug beside the fire. 

Warm and Friendly Place 

I’ve discovered I’m not alone in my shy affection for the place. They get a ton of repeat business. My last visit I chatted with a couple from Vancouver who were staying there for two weeks! This was their second stay. I myself have been there three times, each in different rooms. My last visit was in a king room that is bigger than the tiny house I live in!

There’s just enough uniqueness about the Villas to make it exotic yet relaxed. They have a great staff that are responsive whether you’re making your stay a personal retreat without leaving the property or a “home” base to venture into Bodega Bay which is five miles away.

The place offers a scrumptious hot breakfast each morning in the dining room (also with a fireplace,) treats of Chex Mix, cookies and dog treats as a down home lobby welcome, and you can buy a bottle of wine on the property to wash it all down. (Yes, you read that right. They welcome dogs, complete with their own treats upon arrival.)

The Ambiance

After breakfast you can amble from the main building, past the pool and walk into a lovely yard-like area with lounge chairs, a fire pit, and makeshift theater for hosting movie night, s’mores, and other themed events. There’s also a putting green behind it, with a second building of rooms to the left, and two others further behind at the rear of the compound. And the entire area is surrounded by the most magnificent trees, tall and impressive, almost statuesque.

There are a couple other buildings opposite the dining area and conference room. The first has a large space for special events such as weddings, group dinners and the like. (My personal favorite are the massage rooms!)

Private Is as Private Does

On a private road with a separate entrance stands a nicely appointed home, the Grand Residence, with four bedrooms that sleeps ten. Lovely and private, a sense of seclusion abounds, whether it’s for a wedding party, a small family reunion, or a themed retreat.

There’s more to enjoy at Sonoma Coast Villas but suffice it to say, you can make your stay what you’d like it to be. It can be a brief respite away in nature, a launch pad for area outings, or a gathering place for special occasions. Whatever you choose to do while staying, Sonoma Coast Villas is an “offering” in every sense of the word, a place to relax and unwind.

For more information, visit or call 707-876-9818.