Along Front Entry Front Entrance Crikey!! Having made my recent move complete with Uncle Lester’s bench (see previous post,) I am happily ensconced in my new digs. While my bedroom room is small, the house is spacious with an overlarge living and dining area. Miraculously, most of my things fit into the compact space that is mine although the closets are still quite scary. With only a week’s tenure, I congratulate myself for such brisk personal space organization although there’s more work to be done. Still, it feels good to be in a hospitable if not completely ship-shape room complete with a lovely sunny view out the front.

In fact, it may just be that I have the best view in the whole house. From one angle of my bedroom window I look out on a sliver of ocean framed by horizon. From another, I gaze upon a garden wall complete with palms and flowering cacti that anchor the scene. There’s a lovely sitting pool and outdoor lawn furniture that invites me to sit and drink in the sun. Olive trees and the tip of the guest house roof rest beyond the wall, lending itself to an extension of landscape that promises more lush vegetation and color.

Even the back garden and patio is peaceful and pretty. While not fitted with as many plantings there’s some greenery that abuts the back of the house and lines stone pathways. There’s an outdoor shower and Jacuzzi which I have yet to try, instead waiting for warmer weather as invitation. With an outdoor casual dining table, I look forward to having a picnic either by myself to christen my arrival or by inviting others for brunch.

This is the first time I’m living in an adobe style home and desert landscape. Most furnishings in the living and dining areas reflect the casual yet understated elegance of America’s Southwest and Mexico, peppered with interesting art and brick-a-brack strategically placed on walls and tables. The front door is designed stable-style split with the top half opening up to allow the breeze. I’ve been told by the two other women who occupy the house that during warmer weather they leave the entire door open to allow fresh fragrances to waft in and the house dog to come and go as she pleases. Upon hearing this news my bucolic and dreamy reverie is abruptly ended, however, when told that rattlesnakes have appeared on the front stoop from time to time. It seems I’ll have to watch my step once warmer weather arrives! I may even have to buy a snake catcher from Amazon. At minimum, I’ll need to load the Animal Control number on my cell phone. Until then, however, I’ll enjoy the cooler weather reptile-free until such time as emergency measures are required in my new-found paradise.

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