Mr. Winston, Sophie and Rocky     Yes, yes, I’ve moved again. The last place didn’t work out even though it was incredibly beautiful. The tribe that lived there was, well, not my cup of tea (to the say the least.) Well-meaning, maybe but from another universe I think. Anyway, I’ve relocated and am living with two, and sometimes more, of the cutest dogs, both personality-wise and physically, the little fur balls. They have far more character than some people I know, with a premium on honesty as well. There’s chickens out back too but their story is for another time. 

Said dogs – Mr. Winston and Sophie – are Toy Pomeranians. As such, they come with an abundance of hair as well as attitute. Spritely little things, they trot around the house behind their owner, Barbara, who dotes on them shamelessly. She is truely an affectionate, nurturing canine lover, with a maternal instinct that is impressive and reassuring. Sidebar: sadly, she is also a recovering caterer, a talented cook and food presentation expert extraordinaire. Now this is very dangerous for me since I am a, how shall I put this, healthy eater! But I digress.

Mr. Winston and Sophie are the perfect examples of Tamar Geller’s “The Loved Dog”. There’s not a mean bone in their little bodies and they dote on Barbara in their own dog-like way as much as she on them. When Barbara comes home from being out, they bark and nearly turn themselves inside out with excitement. When I come home, they bark for a minute, settling down fast, knowing I am a cheap substitute at best. To say they are all bonded with each other is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, they like me and, when I’m home alone with them they want to hang out on the bed with me, nuzzling and looking for love. Yet, I know I pale in comparison with their real human mom, even though I have quickly become attached to them myself!

In short, I love living with them all, this pack of three and now four. It’s truly amazing to be in the folds of such warmth and occasional foolishness, as I firmly believe well-trained and well-loved dogs bring out the best in people, surely the best in me.  And even though Barbara takes in other’s dogs for occasional ‘board and care’ (see Rocky below), each interloper canine benefiting from her great, good love and dog sense, Mr. Winston and Sophie are the apples of Barbara’s eye and have quickly become mine as well.

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