What is it about music that moves your insides, at least it does mine. From JT to Aretha, from Bonnie Raitt to Handel, from Pachelbel to the Bee Gees, or the Beatles—there are too many masters to name. Then, then, I came across this guy, Tommy Emmanuel, and was, well, WOW’d. No wait, I was mesmerized. No, that’s not right either. I can’t think of a word. Moved? It still doesn’t quite cover it, cover him. A classical, blues and jazz guitarist extraordinaire, when catching a clip posted on Facebook this morning tears welled fast, uncontrollably. Not because anything was sad or sorrowful, not even The Trails piece I’ve listed as the middle link. Rather, tears came spontaneous and unbidden because of the powerful talent that pours, no, erupts, no, blasts out of this man’s genius play. That’s what it looks like, Play! He PLAYS!! This is what inspired musical play looks like, sounds like; feels like.

So many trite things have been written about musicians’ “making love” to their guitars, or pianos, or saxophones– whatever their instrument of choice is. But this guy, this Tommy Emmanuel guy, the guitar is an extension of him, creating an ever larger Him– A hymn of him? You just gotta love his last name, don’t you? I want to go to his heaven in the afterlife! I couldn’t help but get caught up in his energy exploding out in the most incredible, divine, infinite way. Words fail. There aren’t enough adjectives. Or not ones that are big enough, full enough. To say he’s “in the zone” is even an understatement. You just have to listen. Just have a listen.

(Thank You David Teichman from Australia)


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