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Parallel Process

The concept of Parallel Process is much like what you think it is—the idea that one idea, thing or event mirrors another reflecting back and forth making their concepts similarly obvious and relatable. This is how I’ve come to view the physical “heating up” of the earth’s atmosphere parallel to so many political and societal […]

What Loss Personal Freedom

One just can’t know the loss of personal freedom, how it feels, what it lives like until you get older and feel the slow leak of capabilities shrink. I sure didn’t. I watched my own mother’s loss and instead of looking closer at what was going on (or God forbid, asking her) I got frustrated […]

The Sorrow of Robert Cushman

I am a direct descendant of Robert Cushman, the principal financier of the Mayflower. This essentially means that he gathered investors to support the endeavor to sail for freedom to worship in the Puritans self-proclaimed tradition. It was the Americas they spied: an untamed large hunk of geography that promised opportunity—-Freedom to live and worship […]


The Last Day

No one ever believes they’ll only have today as their last day of life on the planet. Instead, while clearly knowing we don’t live forever, it’s a concept that is only that: a concept. Until of course, it isn’t! FROM WAR TO WONDER AND BACK I heard a TV host (Nicole Wallace) when describing Brad […]

Don’t Let My Intestines Fall Off the Table

Bloody Hell! Another surgery coming up and this one’s a doozie. In it, they will need to remove my intestines (temporarily) to get at my shredded muscle in the abdomen to patch it back together so I don’t sit on a piece of—oh how shall I put this delicately—bowel, any longer. When I was told […]

Where’s My Mug

I have misplaced my favorite coffee cup, mug actually. Somewhere, somehow, sometime. Now I have a number of cups and mugs but there’s one old blue perfect size, perfect-fit-for-my-hand Air New Zealand mug that I got when I worked there. I’ve always loved it. And that is the cup/mug I use every day, even though […]

My Last Surgery Will Be a Lobotomy

I’m slated to have surgery soon on a particularly nasty fistula/hernia in a particularly unpleasant place (pelvis,butt). There’s a chance it won’t happen as I have an unusually nervous-about-lawsuits-PCP. She’s already expressed concern (liability risk) about my possible death on the table if she clears me. Sigh. While it’s frustrating (anger-producing) to have that possible decision […]

Learning Is As Learning Does

Good God! What a year, what a lifetime. In so many ways I’ve been incredibly blessed throughout. Trouble in the Middle East and what feels at times like a narrow escape out of it. Surviving my dysfunctional family of origin with reasonable wit, occasional depression, and believe-it-or-not optimism (which at times seems like a friggin […]

Sonoma Coast and the Villas

To sleep perchance to dream… I love the wondrousness of the Sonoma Coast. It is earthy, dramatic, lush and raw. It shows off significant rolling hills, incredible trees, stunning bays and an incomparable freshness. Having made a number of day trips, I’ve also stayed in a variety of lodging experiences when overnighting in the area. […]

I Dreamed of Park City

If perfection does indeed exist, I think I may have found it in the little town of Park City, Utah. After a recent visit there I have clearly been smitten…as in dreamy, dewy-eyed in love. Similar to Salt Lake City, I found Park City to be incredibly clean. No trash that I could see and […]